Earthquake + Tsunami Relief

If you received IDES’ 2018 annual report, you might recognize these photos (And if you don’t, don’t worry—you can sign up for those below). Though striking on their own, we believe the story behind them is even better.

On September 28, 2018, a large earthquake shook the Minahasa Peninsula of Indonesia. Later that day, a tsunami struck killing 4,340 people and leaving thousands more homeless. Through our partners, IDES was able to assist 65 families in building 25+ homes in Central Sulawesi, one of the areas affected by the events. Additionally, we were able to fund a clean water project which took teams of both Christian missionaries and Muslim locals to complete. 

“The team on the ground feels that the assistance we were blessed to distribute was well-received and beneficial, because the recipients willingly worked to help with the various projects,” said one of our partners.

Through your blessings, we had leftover funding to help local fisherman replace damaged equipment to continue on with their day-to-day work. At IDES, we know interactions like these demonstrate God’s love and open the door to Gospel-sharing opportunities. 

Of course, there’s still work to be done and lives to change. To contribute to projects like these, visit and designate a donation to “Disaster relief.”