IDES safe worship training


IDES Safe Worship training is a *free, traveling safety seminar that teaches how to safeguard places of worship. This course is designed for churches with and without security programs.


This training can be done either at your facility or at IDES’ headquarters in Noblesville, IN.

What you’ll need:

  • A space capable of hosting a speaker (projector, projector screens, sound system, etc.)

  • 3 hours dedicated to the training

*We ask that churches & organizations cover the traveling and/or housing accommodations for IDES’ speaker, Ed Sanow.

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What is covered in a safe worship training

Learn the steps to safeguard houses of worship: Reduce the overall risk of violence, especially before the crisis; Reduce the number of injuries during the attack; Increase the survivability of injured persons in the minutes after the attack.

  • The need for at least a basic security plan for congregation worship services.

  • Preparing the church staff and volunteers to recognize danger,

    communicate that danger, and take immediate life-saving steps after an event.

  • A basic site assessment of the worship location including building and property.
    Training for Greeters and Ushers - the first line of defense.

  • Creating a formal, volunteer Safety & Security Team

  • Pros and Cons of an armed security team

  • The New National Standard: Avoid. Deny. Defend.

  • Forming a Medical Response Team

  • Forming a Crisis Recovery Team